“Don’t get your hopes up” is the worst advice ever

“Don’t get your hopes up” is the worst advice ever⁣

It’s basically saying: lower your joy. ⁣

It’s a great way to learn to do everything from a place of fear. ⁣

Fear that it won’t work out… fear that you won’t get what you want… fear that the world is actually just terrible after all, and so are you. ⁣

Then guess what? You won’t go after what you want, you’ll sabotage the things you do have, you’ll lower all your expectations, and you’ll spend your life shrinking away from your power. ⁣

How nice, right? What a clever way for your brain to decide you don’t have to do anything that scares you. ⁣

Joy is a vulnerable emotion because being liberated in your excitement and happiness means that it could all come crashing down …⁣

It’s a fear that we won’t be able to handle the loss of it. ⁣

But it’s a lie. And it’s a lie that keeps you from feeling joy and getting what you want. ⁣

Curiously, stepping fully into our joy and our pleasure turns out to mean that we often get MORE of those things, not less. ⁣

It can feel scary. Don’t listen to it. ⁣

Express endless gratitude. Dream hugely. Trust that whatever way it works out is best for you. ⁣

More full, wild pleasure. More ecstatic, loud joy. ⁣

You deserve those things.


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