Do you cry during sex? There’s nothing wrong with you

Many years ago, I was with friends of friends and they were talking about a girl who cried during sex. ⁣

“Can you imagine?” one of them said. “I would never do that.”⁣

One of my clients told me yesterday that she cried during sex and asked me if something was wrong with her. ⁣


We cry when we are happy. We cry when we are sad. We cry when the beauty of life is just so incredibly immense that there is no other way it can move through our system. ⁣

Crying is beautiful. ⁣

You might cry during sex with your partner because you are so overwhelmed by the amount of love you feel in your body. ⁣

You might cry during sex when past traumas are releasing. ⁣

You might cry during sex because of how safe you feel with your partner now. ⁣

You might cry during sex for no reason you understand at all. ⁣

I cry REGULARLY during sex. I also scream, growl, and laugh. Rarely are these things tied to conscious thought – they are just energy moving through my body. ⁣

The masculine is nourished by feminine expression. By the depth of feeling of the feminine. ⁣

(And that’s not to say it’s just for women – when Jordan cries during sex my heart opens even more to him, it’s so beautiful). ⁣

Sometimes it’s a single teardrop that runs down my face. ⁣

Sometimes it’s a huge wave of grief that has me sob while Jordan holds me. ⁣He adores it.

Crying in response to safety and love is a totally and completely normal response. ⁣

It is evidence that you are opening to your partner. ⁣

If you don’t realize this, you might contract, close, try to hold the tears back, feel ashamed, or feel like something’s wrong. ⁣

Or you might be like those women I witnessed, and make fun of another woman for crying because you can’t comprehend that level of openness yourself. ⁣

Your emotion is beautiful. It deserves to be expressed. You deserve to open to your partner. ⁣

And there is nothing wrong with you. ⁣


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