Do not rob yourself of the sensation of naming your true desire

Do not rob yourself of the sensation of naming your true desire

Do not squeak it out of your mouth, mumble it, and look away

Do not shove it back down into the box of you-can’t-have-this-you-don’t-deserve-this-they’re-going-to-react-this-way

Do not send it over text message so you don’t have to witness their response

Instead let it bubble up, let it spread throughout your body until you have tingles in your toes

Let it land in your pussy

Look them directly in the eyes

And claim it

Own it

Say what you want out loud.

Without the attachment to it. Just hold it as yours.

And then let them sit in silence while they receive you

Let the electricity spread through your system

Let the full experience of being seen

Turn you on

The most powerful things come as a result of saying “I want this” without being afraid of the result.

And the most delicious sensations come from being received in it.

Let your body squirm. Let it blow you open until you can’t help but laugh from the terror of being


Be willing to feel THAT in your system.

For the delight of it all.

And watch what happens


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