If you believe in conspiracies, let’s talk about your wounding with men

If you believe in conspiracies (“plandemic,” qanon, etc), let’s talk about your wounding with men.

People are pulled toward conspiracy because they like to believe that a secret group of elite people are all pulling the strings and we are at their mercy.

I get it. It’s sexier to believe that everything is run by an elite few rather than face the fact that humans are killing the earth we live on and are largely just a disorganized, traumatized bumbling mess.

But people who like conspiracies often have a mass distrust of all authority.

In our society, because it’s patriarchal, authority is represented by men. It’s the masculine.

Literally referred to as “The Man.”

If you’ve been hurt by our society, and hurt by men (hint: basically all of us), one response to that is to decide you dislike and automatically do not trust authority.

I used to feel that way, too. Any person in power, I did not get along with. I did not like men being in charge, at all, ever. I even believed in some conspiracies!!

I used to think it was a *good* quality, to have a problem with authority.

What it really is, is a fear response. It’s an inability to relinquish control. It’s anxiety. It’s a tightening, a wounded response to not being able to receive. It’s a clinging to your own perceived authority, while you deny it in others.

It comes from father wounding. From a lack of trustable masculine energy in your own life. From you not trusting your own masculine – nor your own feminine (an inability to discern and set boundaries, AND an inability to soften and trust).

When you have not healed your wounding with men, you will project it everywhere.

One of those places is onto all governing bodies, no matter how big or small. And the idea that a tiny group of powerful men run the whole world?? Omg, that is wounded-feminine crack.

That’s not to say that if you healed your wounding with men, then you would trust the government. Not at all.

But what it DOES mean is that if – and only if – you heal your wounding with men, you will be able to DISCERN which representations of men/authority are good for you, and those that are not.

If you haven’t done that work, you will not be able to see through your own triggers and projections.

And so instead, you will spend hours of your precious time doing “research” to prove to yourself that everything is against you/us and that there is an elite group you do not belong to and that everything is so mysterious

So that you don’t have to face the fact that the things that are wrong with the world actually aren’t that secretive or exciting.

They’re things like the earth is dying. Black people are being killed by the police. The police system doesn’t really work that well. Girls and women are assaulted and raped all the time. Suicides are high. There is a virus because pandemics tend to happen throughout human history. There are fires everywhere and the Arctic ice is disappearing.

But those things aren’t as fun to face as watching videos that you get to call “research,” are they?

You know what I find, now that I have a good relationship with men?

That I like and trust authority, when that authority is doing things that help my well-being.

Like, idk, telling me to wear a mask.


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