Communicating with nature

Something that I’ve done ever since I was little was run to nature whenever I felt sad. ⁣

Usually I sit on a rock, or at the base of a tree, or near water (or if I get really lucky like today, all three at once). ⁣

We talk to one another but not in a way that feels like humans speaking. It feels telepathic, energetic. ⁣

This is so infused in my everyday life that I often don’t even think about it. I say hi with my heart to most plants I pass. It just feels like a natural way of being in the world. ⁣

I did this automatically, always, but I’ve strengthened it by trusting it more as I’ve gotten older. So if you don’t already feel it, it can be created and deepened just by spending time with plants. ⁣

It’s not special – your birthright as a human includes this ability. Sitting with a tree, feeling it, saying hi, seeing if you feel a response. Offering flowers and feathers to the ocean. ⁣

Really feeling. Listening. ⁣

This connection makes me feel at home immediately. I know that nature can hold my sadness, my anger, all of my emotions. I know that I can receive guidance from it. ⁣

Connecting with my body allows me to feel like I can trust myself. ⁣

Connecting with nature allows me to feel like I can trust life. ⁣

The nature around you is literally aching for you to connect with it. ⁣


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