Cervix art

Bleeding Cervix ~ acrylic, nail polish, and menstrual blood on watercolor paper ??

Today I did a much softer mask than usual. Typically I use a menstrual cup to collect it; this cycle my pussy was a strong “no” to anything holding blood inside her at all.

It was even more beautiful in a sense, I could dip my fingers inside me and find all that I needed.

If you have a cervix: have you ever looked at it? You probably haven’t.

beautifulcervix.com has kits you can buy to see your own if you want to. You can also see submitted photos of others.

We live so long without knowing or understanding the workings of our own bodies. Most women don’t even know when we ovulate or what days of the month we can get pregnant!

If this is your first time seeing a post like this of mine, my purpose in doing this is to normalize menstrual blood.
To more than normalize – to embrace and love.

I think it speaks volumes when we get annoyed with our bodies, or disgusted by our bodies – all these feelings are a form of disconnection.

I want to bring us into deeper connection with our bodies.

Sometimes people think that because I love my period so much it must be super easy for me. That’s not true. I am in the process of healing endometriosis and the first few days of my period are miserable for me.

And yet I find myself able to love it anyway.

You don’t have to put blood on your face, or paint with your blood, or even like this photo.

But I hope that you can find somewhere inside yourself that accepts that people have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies.

And this is what I am doing with mine.


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