A rant about the annoying comments people make during my food journey (video)

This morning some people made some very annoying comments on my post from yesterday (the one about how my weight has plateaued, here if you missed it).

I am very used to these types of comments and usually I just ignore them.

However every so often I just feel fed up and done and annoyed.

And so while I went on my morning walk, I decided to record a video.

I think you will really enjoy it because it is just very unfiltered me talking about my journey and where I’m at now with food and my body and how annoying people have been this whole time.

And people seem to really like when I rant 🤣

But then….. of course Instagram wouldn’t let me upload it!

Who knows why. I tried making it really small, using my computer, etc. It just kept saying “something went wrong.”

Probably they are blocking me.

So. I put it here.

Hope you enjoy 🤣

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