A lady in the dark

Things are coming undone


Let them die.


A lady in the dark

Snakes wrapped around her


She keeps herself collected

Pretends she doesn’t feel them


She wants to surrender, to



It is calling her to take


Swallows of the coolest


She holds herself


Like wax, she melts

When lit


Fills her own container



Her voice travels through time

Her dreams touch all versions

Of herself

And grandmothers past


Her vulva swells

Her body shakes

She is the ocean

And an earthquake

At once


She is Aphrodite

Birthed from the severed

balls of Uranus

From the foam of the sea


She is Demeter

Bringing death

And life


She holds herself

She creates her


She stakes a claim on

Her life


No walls box her in

She places them where

She’d like them to be

She knows how to look


Than what she can see


She knows her ability to


To need

To desire

To receive


Is her power.


She chooses it.


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