A few years ago I might have Cared

A few years ago I might have Cared

Painted my face with blood

Wrote poems saying

Fuck the patriarchy

Shouted from the rooftops

Got up in arms 

Said help us

Save me

Today in my 

Woman body



Body of woman

I feel truth. 

This is where we are

This is where we have been

I watch our society eating itself

Like cancer cells, proliferating

Let’s be a He

No, a They. 

A Them

Let’s focus on the Science

Let’s become a directionless 


Group of people

Dependent on our safe spaces

Our victim identity. 

We no longer know

How to take the herbs

To shed our wombs

We no longer know

How to grow our food

How to milk a cow

We no longer even drink milk

Her breasts no longer the 


Of life 

We have separated 


From our roles of men and women

From the blood and birth centric society

From our villages

Where we have a purpose 

Where we are connected and move with the Earth

Humanity as one breathing writhing organism

Attacking itself

Into extinction

And yet

There are some who remember

And in my woman body

I sit here

Knowing the herbs that shed my womb

Feeling the pulse

Of the Earth




Every ancient woman

Her wisdom

In my body. 

Praying that this is downloaded

To every woman

And every man who protects Her

Not being swayed

By the political tides

By what is socially acceptable today

Turning it off

The only thing there is to do

Is to return to the wisdom of the land

And your body.


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