#74: Stopping sharing my life online & going into a cocoon

Episode description:

For the past decade I have been sharing my life online. All of my thoughts, my processes, my opinions. My entire journey, my travels, my successes and creations and missteps.

This was fueled mostly by my need to express. To be all of me in the world. To say the things that people shied away from saying.

There have been many times I have taken a break from social media. Either because it was deleted and taken away from me, or because I needed to feel myself without it, for a little while.

But there is this feeling that has been coming up for me lately, getting louder and louder and more.. pressing.

And it doesn’t have anything to do with social media, not specifically.

I always felt like no matter what happened, I would continue sharing myself. In the same way I had always done.

And… I don’t want to anymore.

This episode is a deeper explanation of that to wrap up Season 1.

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